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Don'ts - 4th Quarter Sales Program
Don't - Use the entire tax refund. By only taking a portion of the tax refund your customer will leave feeling that you have treated them fairly and are not trying to take advantage of them. Also, if the customer thinks you will keep the entire refund, they will be more likely to file their taxes elsewhere, breaking your agreement.
Don't - Just hang your banners and assume customers will flock to your lot. TRS provides a $25 OFF coupon that you can print out and we suggest handing this coupon to each and every customer that walks on to your lot beginning October 1. Also make sure that you add the tax promotion to existing advertising and have all employees educating and mentioning the promotion to all customers.
Don't - Wait until January. Tax season has shifted and the time to capture the market begins during the 4th quarter of the year. October, November & December are your time to capture those all important tax season dollars before that money gets spent down the street.
Don't - Send them off the lot. You spend so much time and money to get the customer to your lot that if they are ready to purchase a vehicle why would you send them off the lot? Once you send the customer off the lot you lose control of the deal and the money. By keeping the customer on your lot you are in control from start to finish and until that tax refund check is in your hand!
Don't - Be Afraid. Our easy-to-use program walks you through the process step by step.
Don't - Allow No Money Down Make sure you at least get a few hundred dollars down so the customer has some skin in the game.
Don't - Provide Cash Advances. While 98% of tax returns are funded, income tax refunds are not guaranteed.
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